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We would all like to thank everyone at lb24.tv who have provided us with the opportunity to make this show a reality! The link to their work is found in the title bar 🙂 established on 24/03/16 

10489660_942056102638_354034616821501456_nAbu – Hi! Thanks for checking out our website!’ The Silver Screen Show’ was an idea I came up with one day, after appearing on LB24.tv as a guest on another show. After pitching the concept to the channel producers (using the Inception technique to plant an idea!), lo and behold, suddenly I’ve got my very own show! I’m 28 (as of typing this!) and as my day job, I work in Cancer Clinical Trials.

I’ve always loved films, I had a vast DVD collection, making good use of the ‘3 for £20’ deals at HMV! Which has since been replaced by Blu-Rays and digital media. I’m an action movie fan, but also interested in thrillers, horror and comedies. But a big no no to Rom Coms 😛 I leave those films to the other members of the team! So enjoy the site, check out our videos and make sure to follow us on social media. 😀


Alenya – Hello there! Thanks for dropping by! As soon as I saw the first episode of ‘The Silver Screen Show’ I knew I wanted in. I already love discussing movies with friends so being able to do that on screen sounded awesome!

I’m definitely a film over TV kind of person, I’m watching a film even as I write this! I’m more of a streamer nowadays (Netflix, Amazon and NowTV) but I can’t resist a decent box set bargain; Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Avengers, Matrix, with the Nolan Batman Trilogy next on the list.

I see my taste as pretty eclectic; I’m open to watching most genres of film although I do find “Horror” and “Rom-Coms” a bit boring and same-y. I LOVE all the nerdy stuff (Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Superheroes), a good action film can get my adrenaline pumping, and Thrillers and Dramas get me thinking. But my guilty pleasure is Disney and Musicals, because what is life without a little fun and cheesey sing-a-longs?


Mo – Having spent well over 5,000 hours of life watching films, one naturally comes to the existential question of what the hell to do with all this ‘knowledge’. So, when Abu and I started the the Silver Screen Show, it was as much a way for me to explore my love for films as it was to connect/share/discuss with other like-minded people.

At the monent, I go for films that are more off-the-beaten-path, ones that make you think and munch over after the end credits have rolled, ones that display sparks of creativity. Having said that, taste in films is much like a good plot – it develops, and hey maybe someday soon I will finally start to appreciate the innate wisdom in Michael Bay films…

Daytime desk jockey, night time caped vigilante, in my eyes all films are equal – but some films are more equal than others.


Parama– Hello lovely people! Well to start with, I have to say that I had been a film/TV/music buff, literally since I was born! During my academic life, I spent most of my leisure time watching films, either streaming, or running to the cinemas. I am a romantic person by nature, so the rom-com genre attracts me the most. Films like “A Walk to Remember”, “Notebook” and not to forget, the recently critically praised musical “La La Land”, can easily drown me in an ocean of tears! I am also bit of an adventurer and a dreamer, and hence, suspense-thrillers and horror films, as well as fictional/fantasy/animated films also lift me up when I’m not in the best of my moods. I would blatantly admit that there were times, I would imagine myself as the main actress and relate her stories to my lifestyle, haha! Perhaps, this is the reason people find me extremely media-friendly and introduced me to the media world in UK, thinking I’m born for the cameras!

When I was first approached for this show, and I heard the words “Silver Screen”, I knew that this is totally my scene. Being an exuberant socialite most of my life, and having discovered my love for the camera, I felt I am an eligible candidate for this show. I am an IT Consultant by profession, but a part of me had always nurtured ambitions to do something creative, as in, interact with a live set of audience and diverse groups of people. This show has provided me a befitting platform to fulfill that desire and to showcase my talent. Last year has been an alluring journey for me being part of this show, and it is an experience that I will cherish for life, and I ardently look forward to many more!

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