Get Out…and watch it!

Jordon Peele, of Key & Peele fame is  known more for his comedic talents, and his last outing on the big screen, Keanu, felt like a feature length skit, which lacked the same punch as their show. Peele is the mind behind what has become one of the most critically acclaimed movies of the year so far. Get Out is an intriguing movie, blending horror, comedy & satire all into one!


Chris (Daniel Kuluuya), our main protagonist, is a young black man living in the city, with his white girlfriend, Rose (Allison Williams). It’s important to mention the race of these characters, as it does play a huge significance in the theme on the movie. After a couple of months of dating, Rose suggests that they both go down to visit her parents for the weekend away.  Much to the scepticism of his best friends Rod (Lil Rel Howery)! Once they arrive at the family home out in the country, it all seems a bit too nice and polite.  It’s not before long, that Chris uncovers a far sinister truth….

At the surface of it all, Rose’s parents seem like a perfectly liberal couple. Neurosurgeon Dean Armitage (Bradley Whitford) and therapist Missy (Catherine Keener) are well educated and modern. It’s only Jeremy (Caleb Landry Jones), the delinquent son, who seems to be on edge around the home.  The movie is unusual in the fact it splits humour with horror, a delicate balancing job even for the most experienced of directors!


The scares come from the family’s estate, and the people in it. Especially the family’s 2 assistants (Gabriel & Henderson), both of whom just happen to be black. Both of the helpers on site just don’t seem right to Chris. The father does explain they were around when his parents were alive, and felt bad to get rid of them. In that case, shouldn’t they look a whole lot older? There is a definite inspiration from the 70s thriller, The Stepford Wives.

We see the story from Chris POV, how he feels in a situation he is clearly uncomfortable in. Being a young black man, raised in the city, suddenly being alone out in the country surrounded by older wealthy white people who seem to gush over him, its awkward yet unnerving. The behaviour of our house assistants provide most of the creeps, when one isn’t posing In the mirror in the middle of the night, the other one is running full pelt in pitch black darkness! With a 15 rating, the film is never truly scary, it does have its moments, but it’s never disturbing in the way Cure For Wellness was. Get Out attempts to scare by making the audience uneasy, rather than being direct. Also jump scares are pretty low, apart from one near the start of the film.


Race is obviously a big issue in this movie, and it’s rare to see an interracial couple in a big Hollywood movie, even now, in this day and age. Without revealing too much of the plot, the movie manages to show us that racism exists in other forms too, not just the extreme ones most films usually depict. It also looks into the ways people will try to mask any discrimination that they may have, “I would have voted for Obama for a 3rd term!” is one of the lines that appear in the movie!


If you are familiar with the style of comedy Key & Peele partake in, the film has several moments of comic relief, and most of it is delivered by Rod, who does an outstanding job in the transition scenes between the events in the estate.  Lil Rel Howery steals the show whenever he appears on screen, and we look forward to any future roles he may appear in!

Get Out deserves the praise it is receiving,  when it’s not delving into racial stereotyping, it manages to churn out a well paced horror film, that will also make you laugh! Get Out and watch it! 😀





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