Thor Ragna-rocks!

The Thor franchise has been a mixed bag, the original movie, back in 2011 wasn’t the most entralling film, rather just a set up to bring Loki into the fold for The Avengers. While The Dark World a few years later was an improvement,  it never really felt like a vital part of the MCU … More Thor Ragna-rocks!

Logan Reigns Supreme

  There are some roles which are so perfect for an actor; they become synonymous with that persona. Think Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, or Christopher Reeve as Superman. But there is no role as closely associated with actor & role than Hugh Jackman and Wolverine. Downey Jr. has been playing Stark for 9 … More Logan Reigns Supreme

Doctor Strange – “Marvel Meets Inception!”

Well it looks like I may have to amend the Top 5 MCU movies article from earlier in the week!! Marvel, once again, hits it out the park. Doctor Strange follows the journey of Dr Stephen Strange (Cumberbatch), a supremely talented Neurosurgeon, who also happens to have a supremely large ego! Think of him as Tony Stark … More Doctor Strange – “Marvel Meets Inception!”

‘Captain America : Civil War’ Review

Ever since ‘Avengers Assemble’ released back in 2012, the cracks in the relationship between Tony Stark’s Ironman & Steve Rodger’s Captain American were starting to appear. It all finally comes down to an explosive conclusion in one of Marvel’s finest films so far in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). A film containing so many different … More ‘Captain America : Civil War’ Review